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Plato DVD to AVI Converter 12.12

Backup your favorite DVD movies to MPEG-4 AVI, same Quality with 10% size!
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Plato DVD to AVI Converter is a DVD ripper for Windows. It allows you to copy your DVD movies and save them to AVI files. The application comes with four different conversion profiles, one standard MPEG-4 AVI video profile and .AVI profiles for Blackberry phones, the Creative Zen player, and the Pocket PC platform.

The output settings window comes up the moment you load your DVD movie and here you can choose your conversion profile and change its settings. You can change the resolution, the video bitrate (quality), frame rate and video aspect, and some audio settings. Once you have done this the application will ask you a few more things about the way you want to record the video.

You will notice that the DVD movie will start playing instantly after you click "OK" on the window that asks you for conversion settings. So, if you don't accept the following window very quickly, the converter will not record the beginning of the movie. I don't really understand why the developers decided to use this approach for the recording of movies. I like the rippers that ask me what titles I want to convert and wait until I click on "Start" to begin the playback/recording.

If you don't mind this little problem, the converter actually works well and it is on par with other solutions in terms of speed.

José Fernández
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  • It works well


  • Not very intuitive
  • It starts recording before I can choose my settings
  • A bit expensive
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